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Friday, May 23, 2014

Green and Gray-Birthday Meanderings

Just wandered through the foot-soaking wet grass, breathing in the Spring dampness and admiring the brilliant green against this damp gray morning, to see how the veggies are coming along. Beets, carrots, bok choy, scallions, spinach, arugula, mesclun and cress are all flourishing in the square foot bed. Cress--if you ever feel a need for an instant gratification crop, cress will do it! Its delicate peppery brightness can be grown and harvested two or three weeks after planting! The kale is reluctant, and the peas seem to have entered stasis, looking lovely, putting out a few tendrils, but seeming unsure of what to do next. 

The grapes are gorgeous, their blushing green leaves unfurling and stretching in every direction. The second arbor has several vines that should produce this year; we do love our grapes! The elderberries I gave Linda last year survived Winter and are growing fast and strong, and the currant we got last year but never put in the ground is bedecked in dangling green jewels that will soon turn red. Linda decided we must grow bayberry (I'm guessing bayberry and beeswax candles are in our future), so there are 10 twigs out there, temporarily ensconced in pots waiting for a permanent home. 

I'm off two whole days in a row Sunday & Monday, so the green beans, zukes & cukes, spaghetti squash, basil & other assorted herbs will all be direct sown at last, now that frost is (probably) past us. We plan to build an asparagus bed, tuck the little crown in, and wait a couple of years for that homegrown treat! Sadly, the heirloom Marshall strawberries appear not to have survived the Winter.

Spring has brought us an astonishing, unexpected treat--birds!! Bluebirds are nesting in the bluebird box, and flit through the yard all day long. We've been visited by rose-breasted grosbeaks and indigo buntings, which we'd never ever seen before! We have an abundance of goldfinches standing in for the flowers that will bloom later in the Summer, red wing blackbirds chirrrr through each day and visit the yard, woodpeckers abound, and earlier this week while we had our morning coffee on the porch, a female hummingbird perched on one of the porch chairs next to us to watch the swinging pendulum courtship show being put on by her suitor!!

I'm enjoying the new job; it's an amazing thing to feel good about what you do for a living. Would I rather be retired, and able to spend the days on other pursuits? Sure....but until that's an option, I've landed in a place that feels good; and I'm blessed to enjoy the people and to have been welcomed so readily. There are challenges, to be sure, and a bit of a learning curve....I'm working to build youth programming while learning how to do stimulating story times and trying to get a handle on what older kids are into these days. The commute is long but lovely and usually stress-free (I'm in denial about Winter!), and my only regret is the loss of time. I migrated to the library from a place that gave me alot of time off, and I'm missing that. But time is a funny thing; before, while I had lots of time off available, each day I was off flew by, and I always had a subconscious hourglass spilling sand to its nether regions faster than seemed possible. Nowadays, when I have a day off, it's full and productive, but doesn't seem 'over' before it's barely begun. Can being at peace actually stretch time like melted mozzarella? 

I've been using the long commute to listen to Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle, and it feels like my soul is stretching, too, like the brain and spirit have a bit more room...kind of like the Grinch's heart and shoes! I'm feeling the profound need, and impetus, to start writing for real; time may be more like sweet, slow molasses than coarse sand these days, but it's still moving relentlessly, as birthdays tend to remind us.

So here I am on another birthday, feeling meditative more than celebratory....I leave for work in an hour or so and need to wind this up. By the end of the day, I plan to have a plan to start writing regularly, as in every day, even if it's only a sentence or two. And my other goal is to take a sweet spoonful of time at least a couple times a week to catch up with all of you--I miss knowing what's happening in your worlds!-- and to be better about posting. The next one will have more photos and less words, I promise!

Wishing each of you a sweet, gentle Spring day!


Dawn Zichko said...

Happy Birthday, Dear Womon! I envy your beautiful garden by description alone. I'm glad to hear you're in a good place.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday, my friend. You sound spring full and happy, and your garden sounds amazing. xo Jen

Penny O'Neill said...

what a spirited post - and a delightful way to start a glorious spring morning. I enjoyed your trip through the morning dew. your plantings, and such a charming vignette.with the hummingbird.
Happy birthday.

Ashling said...

@ Dawn--thank you so much! It feels good!

@Jen..."spring full"; I love that!

@ Penny--thank you! Have a lovely day yourself!

AkasaWolfSong said...

Sorry I missed your birthday Ashling...sounds like things are going splendidly though and I'm happy for you. :)

I do love the way you take us on walkabout with you through your lovely garden, and sitting with your hummers. Just beautiful Dear Lady!

Here's to great summer days, belated birthdays, and the joys of life.
((((Big Hugs))))