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Monday, April 5, 2010

It's the Little Things

Sometimes love can be measured--as if it needs to be--by the smallest, most mundane arriving home to discover that my beloved had installed the screen door out front.  Okay, delight over a screen door may seem odd, but I've wanted one for three years.  I'm a big fan of open windows and doors, but would prefer to keep Zamboni in (except when we purposely let her out in back where there's a fence) and bugs out.  Yesterday we finally bought one and Linda painted it, but I had no idea I'd arrive home today to find it installed and waiting to serve.  I did a happy dance right there on the walkway!  And I don't know why because I hate loud noises, but I like the sound it makes as it slaps shut....if I had kids in and out and had to hear it every five minutes, maybe not so much, but in some weird and twisted way it's a Spring sound, a happy sound.  So...thank you, Linda.

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