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Friday, October 8, 2010

From the Ridiculous to the Sublime

This morning someone posted a link on Facebook about a Southern Baptist minister coming out against yoga..."Mohler said he objects to 'the idea that the body is a vehicle for reaching consciousness with the divine.'"  Wow.  Granted, I don't practice yoga enough to even call my practice sporadic, but I object to the very idea of the separation between body and soul and Divine.  I could almost--almost--feel sorry for him.  My prayer this moment is that those Christians who have found peace in their yogic practice continue to embrace it as the gift from God/dess that it is.  Perhaps if Albert gave it a try, he would experience the enlightenment he's so afraid of.
Ah, but this morning is too beautiful to waste on railing against the Christian Right.  A crystal blue sun-kissed sky, blushing mountains, crisp leaves, a very huggable dog, and ten days' vacation ahead of me are more deserving of my attention.  For a vacation, the to-do list is pretty long, but in addition to those mundane things like housecleaning and finally dealing with the pantry I've wanted to tackle since February, there's Fall decorating, pumpkins, painting (the stairs), seasonal cooking, long walks in the woods withYeti, Autumn in Austerlitz with Linda, wonderful people coming to visit, the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival (which changed so much for me a year ago),  and 'just' embracing October with all the attention and passion one showers on a lover.  Want to join me?  Go outside, and just breathe it in--take in October in all her luscious, abundant, radiant glory...pick some apples, hug a pumpkin.

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dawnzee said...

Ah, the Sheep & Wool! I do hope I can go this year. Ian's birthday tends to fall on those dates and then there's the funding for more wool than necessary.

I find yoga to be a holy, healing balm. It's helped my body/mind/spirit for years. Wouldn't trade it for anything.