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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Catching Up

It's been a full, busy time. A previous post mentioned the adage about 'going home again'; what I've discovered is that while sometimes you CAN, it doesn't mean you SHOULD. Sometimes you discover it just isn't home anymore. Some belated self-awareness later, the door is closed gently but firmly behind me.  My spiritual path has taken me out of the festival world.  Forever? I don't know, but for now I'm wallowing in the life we have and are creating, which is pretty time-consuming!
The chicken coop is moving along.  Who would have thought an 8' x 6' one-room structure could take so long? And we've put cart before the horse, or rather, chickens before the coop.  We're the proud semi-owners of seven rescue chickens (well, about two months old); our kind and generous neighbors are providing foster care and housing for them until the coop is ready for habitation.  After hours of research into what breeds I wanted, we've ended up with mystery chickens; we think they're Golden Comets and white Leghorns.  I would have chosen the former, but not the latter. But still, I can't help but long for that August Sunday when we eat our first eggs for breakfast.
Seeds, seeds and more seeds, grape vines, strawberry plants, all await our tender ministrations; there's never enough time!  And we'd rather hang out on the porch bathing in the scent of lilacs and watching hummingbirds, bluebirds and...the orioles!  Yep, Linda had to move from Baltimore to the foothills of the Catskills to see these vivid birds up close and personal.
Linda's anxiously awaiting her bees--5 hives' worth.  They were originally supposed to be picked up this weekend, but weather conditions in the South have caused a steady stream of delays; as of this afternoon, it looks like June 11th before the bees take up residence as neighbors to the chickens.

And Lola!  Lola is a boxer-bulldog-shepherd mix we adopted from the shelter two weeks ago.  She couldn't be sweeter or more loving, which helps make up for the absolute lack of boundaries and rather bratty behavior.  She and Yeti currently occupy a detente frame of mind; we're hoping for playful companionship and friendship eventually.
Several knitting projects are occupying my needles, but I've been lagging.  Some felting ideas are occupying this brain that is itching to get into that medium, but thus far they're real only in my head.  The spinning wheel is languishing, still virginally shiny and untouched, with naught but heated, longing glances passing between us.  I walk by and stroke her silken spokes and whisper "soon, soon". 
My 50th birthday is peeking around the wish?  That the world would stand still for a few weeks and let us catch up with ourselves!


the wild magnolia said...

Busy indeed, goals, hard work dreams...the things a life is made up of.

I love chickens, it will be so fun when their home is ready.

Fifty, wow, that is young, I'm almost fifteen years older than you.

Blessings to you both and the animal kingdom!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

i am the rare Teddy flower...too cute

happy to see you at Farmhouse Kitchen and Happy to visit today, my friend

kary and teddy

Ashling said...

Bummer...blogspot had some service issues, and when it all resolved, the comments for this blog had been lost. That's too bad; I so appreciated both!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

had blogger trouble here too....

happy 50th, my friend

and i love your wish

happy to see you at farmhouse kitchen

kary, teddy and all the farmhouse kittys