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Thursday, April 4, 2013

That Robot Thing

I regret to say that due to extensive spamming of this blog in the past few days, I'm going to reinstate that "please prove you aren't a robot" word verification thing. Really, really hate doing that to everyone, but the sudden spam attack is kind of nuts. Please don't hesitate to let me know if it's a hardship; I don't want to lose readers as a result and would revisit it.

Curious--is anyone else suddenly having similar problems?

Hope it's warm and sunny wherever you are today!


turquoisemoon said...

Ashling...I'm not having any problems, but I'm knocking on wood!

Nancy J said...

Ashling ,I too have had so many obnoxious comments lately, all from "anonymous" readers who apparently have nothing better to do than look for a blog, and enter a disgusting, rude, stupid or just plain silly comment. I have started to use the "moderation" and now have the choice to delete, publish or mark as spam. They come to my email, or in the "waiting for moderation", yes a bit of a hassle, some comments might wait for hours, as I do it first thing in the morning, and late afternoon, but at least the ones I do not want there, are deleted or removed.I am happy to prove I'm not a robot, as I do it with other blogs already. We have autumn here, definitely, snow down south (just a little) and colder mornings, from 2C to 4C. Happy Springtime, cheers from Jean

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Hi Ashling

Just to let you know that I now
can't do the word verification thingy
it is too difficult on my eyes!

I now comment on very very few blogs that use verification and know that a lot of other bloggers feel the same.

Can you not chose to use another system?
Fingers crossed I can see the letters below or you will never see the comment.


ps 3rd time lucky? If this doesn't work I will have to let it go.....

Ashling said...

Perhaps a better solution is to not allow anonymous comments....the blog has been moderated up until now, but it suddenly went nuts with product sales spam, thankfully not the nasty hate comments some others have experienced. I'll think on this for a day or two....

Willow said...

Hi Ashling just this week I had to delete two spam, being only a few months as a blogger this was new to me. One was a bit nasty and led to what looked to be a naughty site and yes both from anonymous. One even tried to seek it in on an old but popular post.