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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Time in the Country

I've never been a city person. The year I joined Linda down in Baltimore was a tough one, and I'll never forget coming off the NYS Thruway at exit 21 and bursting into tears at the glorious site of the Catskill Mountains, so sharp and clear on a Winter's day. I hadn't realized how homesick I was until then. My soul needs trees and green, birds and open spaces, sunset over the mountains and early mornings when the air itself is sun-promising pink. 

So I get a kick out of those days that really personify and embrace the joys of a semi-rural life. Last weekend was kind of like that. Friday we braved pouring rain to go to the Country Living (magazine's) Fair:

Despite the rain, there was a good crowd, and lots of eye candy:

We lusted after this potting bench....this was our style more than anything else we saw.

Bad photo, but behind those flowers is a lamp made of small lights in a woven burlap net. Beautiful!

We ended with lunch....pancakes! Sadly, we didn't see the Beekman Boys; they were there the next day. The rain finally sent us home before we'd seen everything. It was fun to check it out, but I confess we probably wouldn't go again (unless we win Powerball, maybe!).

Saturdays are Farm Market day, followed often by a visit to Eger Bros., one of our favorite farm stands; they don't do the market. Eger's had sweet, luscious, perfect.....

We have nearly 15 quarts tucked in the freezer (thanks, Linda!!) and have been enjoying every bite.

And the surprise at the farm market was garlic scapes! There are plenty of things one can do with these intensely flavorful garlic tops, but for me, there's only one way to use them:

Last year, every time I made garlic scape pesto, I would put some in the freezer. The next day, I would pull it back out of the freezer and eat it. the goal this year is to sock away one cup every week and not pull any back out until Fall. It's highly addictive, so it's a challenge. If you like garlic, you'll love this: ambrosia made with scapes, parmesan, pine nuts, olive oil & salt. Try it!

And Sunday, we planted. There are still a few dozen plants left to go, but at long last all the veggies we bought as seedlings are planted, and we've moved on to flowers! Rain is coming again, at least 2" they say, but by Sunday, maybe we can get a few more square feet of porch back.  

Wishing you the peace and beauty of country living, no matter where you are!


Robin Larkspur said...

So you didn't buy anything at the Country Living fair? One of these years I am going to go to one of those CL fairs!
Garlic scapes...never had 'em, but you make them sound wonderful.
And how do you freeze the strawberries?
I am glad you posted tonight, as I was thinking about you. I have been gone so long from blogosphere, that I am anxious to catch up with everyone. Hugs! Robin.

Akannie said...

Hullo darling girl! What fun~~I love fairs, whether I buy anything or not. And I have never tried that pesto made with scapes.. Can you post a recipe?? I LOVE garlic, of course and this looks like it would make a beautiful rendition of one of my favorite pasta dishes Aglio y Olio.

Beautiful photos. I too was wondering how you freeze your berries. I have tried several things and often wind up with discolored mooshy berries.

We're off on a 4 day adventure tomorrow the Mallard Resort on the Chippewa River at Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Looking forward to it, but with some trepidation about leaving all my animals. My son is taking care of them while we're gone...but I will miss them. lol

Melody said...

I know what you mean about cities... I moved from small town New England to San Francisco(long time ago) ~ complete, utter terror and culture shock! and truth be told when I moved back home a year or so later, I think I too cried at the sight of Autumn leaves in New England. Some of us were not meant to live outside the confines of N.E. ~
I dream of going to a country living fair, but I have to be difficult, I want to go to the one in the UK; just need those winning lottery numbers now....

Jen said...

I love that potting bench too!
What a great way to use scapes--we have some on our property and I never thought abut using them for pesto.

When I go to the country I can breathe deeper. I feel weight lifted from my shoulders. I feel like I belong.

Michaele said...

Now that is my kind of fair! You hit the mother load with those strawberries. I got a kick out of you taking the pesto back out of the freezer to eat. I have never heard of that pesto - I am off to look it up.

Our Neck of the Woods said...

That fair looks so awesome! I bet I would have really enjoyed it. I'm the same way about nature. I need wide open spaces and trees and plants to feed my soul.

Gemmi Fuchsbau said...

Thanks so much for sharing this!

Gemmi Fuchsbau said...

Thanks so much. You review was better than the official MSL one!