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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reluctant Endings

Does anyone else find themselves almost finished with a wool project and dragging their feet because they don't want it to end?  Back in January I started the was a basic knit stitch, two colors (because there wasn't enough of the forest green alpaca to complete it, I got black as well).  I just wanted an extremely simple, relaxing project because it was one of my two craziest times at work and I needed to de-stress at night.  And now, a month later, the end is nigh....another two or three rows and it'll be finished, and I'm so sad to see it go.

Earlier today I was thinking about how much I have to credit this newfound 'love affair' with helping me deal with my job and its stresses, which I think I'm handling better lately. It really seems Goddess-sent to give me peace and a place to be creative in the most literal sense--creating something with a use and purpose out of almost 'nothing', a single strand of yarn; that strand can become almost anything!  And before becoming that single strand, there is shaggy, greasy fleece still warming the sheep it belongs to.  Just got the latest Spinoff e-newsletter (which is mostly a sales tool, but that's okay), and there's a book mentioned,  The Intentional Spinner: a Holistic Approach to Making Yarn, and for some reason the title just speaks to me...the concept, the 'feeling' of taking raw fleece off a sheep and ending up with...say, a shawl to warm me on a chilly evening, or Linda's jewel-colored scarf. Holistic--wholistic, to make whole...It's the wool version of planting a seed and getting tomatoes a few months later.....There's something so deeply grounding and...pure....about it.

But I digress, and should suck it up and finish that shawl while there's still a few Winter evenings left to snuggle in its warmth. Next up?  Mittens...I think!  Or somebody's scarf for next xmas, perhaps....

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