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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Scenes from a Winter Postcard

(forgotten wheelbarrow)

 We awakened to a world draped in white again this morning.  We've been spared the staggering accumulations to be found 20 minutes west or an hour south of us, and the 'epic storm' left us with a mere 8" Wednesday, quickly reduced by drenching rains.  But another 2" overnight has restored the fantasy world....once more it looks like a world created in black and white, almost too pretty to be real.  I've decided to share some photos taken Wednesday morning....

grape arbor flanked by blueberries                                                                                               

two yr. old apple trees near strawberry bed

the path beckons...

prime sunset-over-the-mountains viewing

the house seems to just nestle into the snowy hill

future home of Linda's bees

on a clear day the mountain view is stunning
the third tier's woods evoke Robert Frost

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos--and as for your power-less repinings, ain't it just the truth?!? I am just no good without a daily bath. Not to mention the computer, which really is the heartbeat of my work-life. Flatline = no good. Thank you for these funny, true, wonderful blogs.