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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Could Get Used to This

Wallowing in decadent relaxation, that is.  I've been reading--Faint Praise by Ellen Hart, Martha Stewart Living, This Old House, Cooking Light; knitting--my forest green and black knit-stitch-only shawl is about 2/3rds done; and doing just a wee bit of cleaning & cooking.  At the moment, the house is tantalizingly fragrant from Curried Carrot and Parsnip Soup, a long time favorite from Moosewood Restaurant's Low-Fat Favorites.  The sweetness of carrots and parsnips dances with the bite of fresh ginger, onions and garlic, and the warmth of cumin and cinnamon.  This, along with grilled-cheese-and-tomato sandwiches will be a perfect winter dinner, if I do say so myself.  I always double the soup to stock the freezer; today there's a bit of sadness knowing this is the last batch that will grace the kitchen until September or October. 

It snowed yesterday!  It was the perfect snowfall....light and fluffy, the type of snow that lays light as a feather boa on tree branches, a lazy, picture postcard 5" snowfall that was easily cleared away before dark.  There are moments of perfection that bless us if we allow ourselves to notice, and despite the threatened return of a cold (Linda & I believe in sharing; I shared my cold with her and she's now returning the favor), being curled up on the couch as the snow fell, watching the birds--totally unperturbed by weather--at the feeders, basking in the warmth of the fire in the pellet stove with 4 feet of alpaca shawl bundled in my lap and lemon-ginger tea beside me, was absolutely one of those moments.


Anonymous said...

You remind me of the deep, beautiful, spirit-nourishing pleasures of a life lived with eyes and senses wide open. Thank you for sharing--and reminding me!

dawnzee said...

This post reads absolutely delicious. I'm inspired to make soup now.