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Friday, February 12, 2010


Giddy--that's me today. Laid out, glistening like dewdrops on a sun-kissed Spring morning, are seven--count 'em, 7--days off!!  Decided to add a few days to either end of the upcoming three day weekend, and have an entire week off, and today is day one.  I haven't made 'big' plans....but am looking forward to the small ones!  Today I'll pop in at Country Wool to check out a shawl that Linda saw there and loved, in hopes that the pattern will be easy enough for this novice (we are taking a field trip to Wonderful Things on Sunday and I'd like to have a project or two in mind before exploring the five rooms of yarn),  have the great pleasure of lunching with a friend I haven't seen in two years (we met in an herbal medicine class a decade ago and it was an instant meeting of the minds), and run some errands.  The rest of the time off will include little niceties like cleaning--let's call it pre-Spring cleaning, but the truth is more like the Fall cleaning that never got done--and true joys like getting together with my older son; I can't remember the last time he and I spent time together when it was just us.  There will be many decadent hours spent with my paramour--soft, secret, seductive hours knitting and practicing with the drop spindle.  I plan to savor every moment of this week, soak them in, hold each in my hands and give thanks for it....

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