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Monday, November 1, 2010


One of the 'rewards' of being a Goddess-loving Pagan is that I get a couple of chances to 'wipe the slate clean' with a new year.  There's the traditional, secular new year, when the whole nation watches giant lighted numbers do a pole dance celebrating the new calendar and fresh resolutions to break.  And there's the spiritual new year honored last night.  My bean runes last night told me: surrender, goddess, relax.  Interestingly (to me, anyway) is that last week those first two runes came up; I put them back in their little bowl last night, mixed well...and pulled them out again, in that order.  So it would seem my mission in this new year, should I choose to accept it, is to surrender to the Goddess and just relax.  Not sure what I'm surrendering....and surrender is a tough word for me.  I give up?  No retreat baby, no surrender? (thanks, Bruce)...let go and let Goddess? Yeah, I do well at surrendering my control (no matter how fictional that control may actually be). NOT.  What I know is that the constant fighting--battling my job, wrestling with all the reasons I can't/won't write, donning camo gear so I can keep dodging making a decision to resume spiritual work I walked away from--with good reason then--three years ago--is wearing me out.  So, in this first dawn of a new year, I'm giving in and will try it Her way...Surrender. Goddess. Relax. 
At least for a little while....

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Brian Kelly said...

You know that's one of my favorite Springsteen songs, right? A big theme for me in '08, though of course it was Kerry's campaign song four years before. Anyway, I was lucky enough to hear it at both shows we attended last year - in fact, they opened with it at SPAC, and it got things off to a perfect start.