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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So, I'm predictable and shoot me. Please let me preface this post by acknowledging that:
1. I think we all know that the first 'Thanksgiving' pretty much was not happy pilgrims and happy 'Indians' sitting side-by-side eating turkey and comparing cranberry sauce recipes.
2. If one is only giving thanks once a year, one is missing the boat (and I don't mean the Mayflower).
Having gotten that out of my system, I would like to list a few blessings for which I'm deeply thankful. I do indeed try to remember to say thank you often, but a reminder of just a sprinkling of the ways the Universe has graced my life is always a good thing: 
*My sons--29 and 22, brilliant young men with enquiring minds, deep morality, driving passion and bottomless wells of humor
*My beloved Linda,who is the most surprising gift ever to come my way...for unknown and inexplicable reasons she loves me and never lets me forget that (between you and me, one of my most frequent prayers happens as we snuggle in the wee drowsy hours between sleep and waking--a whispered thank you for this treasure to Whomever is listening)
*My sister whom I so deeply admire and respect for her strength and resilience and with whom I so enjoy laughing at...whatever
*The mountains and river that frame this life we've created
*The friends who share laughter, tears, support, encouragement and honesty with me
*Our growing menagerie, and especially this year--after suffering the loss of two cats--the addition of our Yeti and Mots' recovery when I feared we were going to lose her last month
*The cozy roof over our heads and all the welcoming rooms beneath it
*My wooly love affair
*The decadently lush abundance of the Hudson Valley
*The fact that the Moon is rising as I write, and I'm pretty sure the Sun will rise tomorrow; and the knowledge that we are not alone on this ever-spinning planet in a vast-beyond-our-dreams Universe....
Happy Thanksgiving!

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