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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blue, not Red and Green

I've always loved this season, from Thanksgiving right to Christmas.  Oh, there were stresses, but the lights and glitter, carols and children's excitement, fragrant pine and crystalline nights blurred the edges of stress, gave it a fuzzy halo like Christmas lights on a snowy night.  Who can watch A Charlie Brown Christmas and be tense?  So it's tough going this year.  Feeling kind of overwhelmed, snatching at bits of time like Scrooge scrabbling for a ha'penny rolling along the cobblestoned ground, just not feeling that elfin spirit (despite being commissioned to write an elven note for a friend's daughter yesterday).  And that desperate, too-taut-threadness has left me bereft....afraid I've lost the sparkling, multi-colored magic I managed to carry with me all these years.  I know what I need....a snowy day, no obligations, no work--or work avoidance as is happening right now, and elves, lots of elves...elves to finish decorating the house with the promise of undecorating in the new year; elves to tackle the countless tasks that must be finished at work; elves to sweep and scrub and polish the house into gleaming, Christmas-star-bright submission; elves to finish training Yeti to be the calm, anxiety-free dog her sweet, gentle spirit deserves to be; set-the-calendar-back-by-four weeks-elves; Weight Watchers elves to prepare exquisitely flavorful meals and snacks that carry minimal PointsPlus and whisk away the remaining pounds (heck, elves that'll exercise for me would be TOO much to ask for, huh?); elves to lighten Linda's workload; elves to erase my sons' all-too-grown-up cares and worries.  And a few miscellaneous elves for whatever I've forgotten.  I'd be happy to pay them, with the molasses cookies I'd have time to bake, tiny scarves I'd have time to knit, felted sheepies I'd have time to create, and little beds made of roving still waiting to be spun to dream in when the work is all done.
So if you happen to see any odd little creatures dressed in green and red, with pointy hats and pointy shoes, wandering aimlessly and looking bored, send 'em my way, please.

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