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Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Ready Now

Awoke to 3" of snow this morning--a gift of a day that I didn't know was a holiday from work until last Thursday.  Although there's a cozy crockpot of "Dal Soup" (from a Weight Watchers cookbook) simmering away, a fire is dancing in the pellet stove, and I have Linda's socks and a newly started blanket for Patrick ( Christmas' gift) on knitting needles, I've realized this morning that I'm ready....ready for hands that aren't always freezing, for bright colors, farm market treasures, the scent of lilacs, green grass, lazy Sunday morning breakfasts on the back porch, the adventure in locavorism we're short, I'm ready for Spring.  It may be several calendar weeks away, and several weeks beyond that in corporeal realities, but I'm ready, aren't you?
And speaking of Weight Watchers recipes, after some serious backsliding when they changed the WW plan and I hit my halfway point, am renewing my intent and determination to lose the remaining weight before Summer is in full force.  I need to be in prime shape for all that planting and chicken-chasing!


Kim said...

Me too! Me too! So looking forward to running around barefooted...

Hey, if you need some recipe ideas...let me know...I'm happy to offer alternative suggestions.

Started some seeds excited!

Ashling said...

I'll keep you in mind as a recipe source--thanks. Linda gave me three Moosewood cookbooks for Christmas, and I have numerous WW cookbooks...and a subscription to Cooking Light. Just need to not be so lazy!

Too soon for seeds here (even indoors), but soon!

Kim said...

Just got my local newsletter for the farm market down the street. They have some Black Twig apples in...never heard of them but reminded me of the Arkansas Black that I read about on your blog last week...yummy. Apples!

Brian Kelly said...

Oh, I'm ready too...I've done very well this time around with my least-favorite season, but the wind of recent weeks has me a little weary of cold for the first time this winter. And the warm-temperature teases of late certainly leave me reaching for more!