Now, where did I leave that?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dear Blogspot

May I suggest that, before you 'upgrade to a new interface', you figure out the existing bugs. For example, I follow numerous blogs and greatly enjoy them...and yet this morning my Dashboard claims I am not following any. Hogwash & malarkey!!!


Jen said...

Sometimes that happens to me, and I just try again once or twice and they reappear. I know what you mean about upgrades. As though we can't go for a month without some new gadget or thing to make our lives more complicated!

Kameshwari said...

I've also encountered the "not following any blogs" message. I usually hit the reload button and everything changes.

But I agree, that before Google starts to use the upgraded interface, it needs to work out some bugs.

the wild magnolia said...

that happens to me sometimes and has always turned up normal soon.