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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


We put up three of the four coop walls today:
This view is facing the back (North) wall.

The bottom opening on the left wall (West) is for nestbox access from outside the coop; the opening above it is a window. The opening on the right is also a window. Both windows will have hinged drop-down 'covers' that will latch above when open. We still need to install a vent in the top of the right wall, and the hens' pophole in the bottom of that same wall.

The remaining wall is more challenging; it will have our door into the coop, as well as a decorative window. Linda found a fabulous door, old and still sporting not only a porcelain knob but a porcelain skeleton keyhole. Problem is, I love the door she found, and it's an interior one. I fear it won't withstand the elements, and will work so much better as the door to the second bathroom (if we ever get that done), home to a clawfoot tub. So Saturday we're going door hunting, and hopefully will get that fourth wall done Sunday. But this was a great day's work...I think we'll definitely finish long before June, which is when we finished the previous coop last year!


A Quiet Corner said...

Perhaps you can spray the door with some type of weather retardant??? The walls LOOK awesome!...:)JP

Jen said...

Looks awesome. Can't wait to see what door you choose. I love the idea of using an old door, but understand your concerns.

laurie said...

wow, this is coming along great, that sounds like quite a unique door knob , I haven't saw one quite as you have described, it would be a shame to have the weather ruin it, thankyou for visitng, have a wonderful wekend,

Linda said...

Great job on the coop and I would use the door on the bathroom too...:) it sounds too nice...

Have a wonderful weekend!! :)