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Thursday, May 17, 2012

May Morning

  Some mornings are so glory-ous, so exquisitely perfect, you wish you could capture and save them for those other, more mundane days. Today the air is so crystal clean, sharp and streak-free it would shatter if you dropped it. The yard is as deeply green as photos I've seen of Ireland, and the raised beds are shimmering with the leftover rain drops cradled on the kale and mesclun leaves.
  A cool, wakening wind has ushered in this glory, and there are clawmarks in the ground from me being dragged to my car to go to work, when all I wanted was to have another cup of coffee out on the porch, letting caffeine and fresh air blow away headache and cobwebs!
  I want to say thank you to Linda for the tiny sprig of lilac she picked off a bush last night when I was enraptured by the scent; it's still stuck in the air vent in the car and still smells of sweet, lazy Spring Sundays. And a thank you to the little gray car with the jaunty sprig of Dame's Rocket tied to your antennae. I followed you across the bridge smiling the whole way at your purple whimsy.
  The memory of last night's movie date is still fresh in my mind, and if you never see another film but this one, I can't recommend The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel strongly enough. It was visually stunning, touching, serious, funny all at once, with brilliant acting and wonderful storytelling. I so enjoyed leaving work a few minutes early and stealing away with Linda for a weeknight date of dinner (well, wolfed-down pizza) and such a movie. How decadent to do that on a Wednesday night!
  So, foggy brain, headache and heartfelt yearning to be out in it aside, it's a morning to be savored, and I hope yours is too!


Robin Larkspur said...

What a wonderful description of a glorious morning experience! I can see it and smell it! And on top of having a lovely evening seeing a good movie (wow,a good movie at the theater comes along once in a blue moon these days!!) How sweet of Linda and her sprig of lavender..that is a brilliant idea! All in all, a smiling post. Hugs to you!! (p.s. how are the kittens?)

Rubye Jack said...

Seldom do I actually go to the theater to see a movie but for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel I think I'll venture into one. I've heard good things about it.
I came over from Jen's.

Ashling said...

Hi Robin--hope this means your computer is recovering!

Rubye Jack--thanks so much for coming by, and the movie is well worth the price of admission!

Jen said...

I saw Marigold Hotel last weekend and loved it. I'm ready to go!

Dawn Z said...

It was pretty green out there today, wasn't it?

A Quiet Corner said...

I've heard so many wonderful things about Marigold Hotel...can't wait to see it!...:)JP

Michaele said...

1. Your description is perfect. I love how you feel it with everything in you.
2. It's Friday! (please don't tell me you work weekends. I will be sad for you)