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Monday, October 22, 2012


Fellow blogger AkasaWolfsongwho I so wish lived in my neck of the woods so we could get together from time to time, commented on my last post (I love comments; makes me feel like I'm not out there muttering to myself...thank you to all those who take the time to share your thoughts!), and signed off on it with a typo (I assume it was a typo); she wrote blissings rather blessings. It made me smile, and decide that should totally be an actual word. The definition would be something like this: Blissings --1. (noun). Those things that bring one bliss, pure joy and peace. 2. (verb). The act of wishing someone an indeterminate supply of those things that bring them bliss. "A blessing of bliss".
Fresh off a 10 day 'staycation', I realized I'd experienced alot of blissings this past week and a half:
  • experiencing a radiantly colorful Fall
  • sharing new ideas and inspiration with Linda
  • critter cuddles with assorted dogs and cats
  • lazy snuggles with Linda by a dancing fire
  • absence of work stress
  • the pleasure of a crisp Fall day spent with Linda & my older son as we cleared out the veggie garden and made room to plant garlic for the first time
  • the scent of spices as apple butter simmered
  • knitting by the fire with spiced tea close at hand
  • the crisp, snappy sweetness of cider
  • mountaintop drives and wanderings with the dogs
  • watching the tiny survivor kitten grow and thrive
  • learning a new skill
  • my sweetie's generosity as she insisted on buying me an alpaca shawl for home
  • caressing and gathering rainbows of cloud-soft wool
  • sleeping under warm covers as cool Fall winds whisper in the windows
  • the first winter squashes and cozy soups of the season
  • having time to read and stocking up on fiction at the used book store
I could go on and on, but these will do for now. I wish I could keep them in a jar on my desk to pull out & caress, or wrapped around me like my alpaca shawl (I have one in my office too), but I'll have to settle for memories...and for being grateful for all the blissings that come my way.

What blissings have brightened your dark corners lately?


Akannie said...

A beautiful word..Blissings. I just finished shelling the first batch of the Christmas pole lima beans..a beautifully crimson and cream speckled thing. That was pretty blissful. The yield isn't going to be great, I don't think--too much weird weather.
I also got a picture of my great nephew laying on the Cars blanket I made for him when he was born. His mom says he loves it and won't nap without it...he's a year old now. THAT was quite a blissing.

It's a stormy day here and believe it or not, I am taking it pretty easy, lol Rainy days always make me feel lazy...

Glad you got a long staycation!! They are the best.

Nancy J said...

words misspelt are great, and I so like your interpretation.your list is impressive. I too can find many "blissings" these last 2 weeks, maybe we all should do a list and realise how wonderful our days are. Greetings from Jean

Jen said...

What a beautiful list of blissings! And I love that word.