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Monday, October 8, 2012

Revolving Doors

My sister recently commented that we had a regular revolving door here, and I can't argue that. The batch of four kittens (Bob, Oliver, Cleo & Twink) has grown by leaps and bounds. Late last week, Linda began weaning them...

Here they are, chowing down on a soupy mixture of kitten milk replacement & KMR-soaked kitten chow. The tub is the only place to do such feedings!

Friday night Linda got a plea from the shelter to take on the survivors of a litter found, cold and wet, only a couple of days old. So yesterday the crew of four got turned over to a shelter staff person who will raise them from this newly-weaned stage, right up to crunching dry kitten chow, and then they'll be ready to await adoption. Here they are getting ready to leave our house:

Bob & Oliver

Twink & Cleo (there's nothing wrong w/ Cleo's eyes; that's just a photographic weirdness I couldn't fix w/ photo shop)

And then she brought home the two survivors of this seven-kitten litter yesterday morning. They weigh 2.1 & 2.3 ounces, and it's a victory and relief (won by Linda's dedication & willpower, feeding them every 2 hours all day & night) they're alive this morning. With no further ado, please allow me to introduce



Callie is the weaker and smaller of the two; Linda keeps calling Blackie a 'scrapper' who has already figured out sucking. Callie hasn't figured that out yet, swallowing what Linda drips into her mouth but not sucking. They're so tiny they're being fed with an eye dropper. Before acquiescing to yet another batch of such tiny babies who would need every-two-hour feedings, I made Linda promise she would nap every afternoon. Those of us who had babies remember the exhaustion of getting up so frequently, and we were younger than she is!

Last week we said goodbye to Ms. Mot, whom Linda rescued from a storm drain as a feral kitten 15 1/2 years ago. She began losing weight rapidly, and the diagnosis was lung cancer. She was a gentle, skittish girl whose heart, once won, was yours. Okay, and liberal treats of chicken kept it yours!

She loved being outside, basking in the sun, although as she got older, Winter would find her nestled into a fleece-lined crate, happily hibernating. We knew Spring was truly here when she would appear on the porch rail. She's deeply missed.

So this is our revolving door. But some of those who enter climb into our hearts and stay forever. Pip was spayed last week, but is back home where she belongs, getting into trouble, laying claim to....everything...

including Yeti!

They come and they go. We laugh at them, mourn them, tear our hair out and then snuggle them. Life is more complicated with all the critters, but hard to imagine being without 'em! So go give your critters (or kids) a hug, and have a great day!


Kelly said...

We love them, hug them and call them George. They provide complete and unasked for love. I can't imagine life without them. It wouldnt be living. Thank you so much for taking care of such small and inocent creatures.

Ashling said...

"Call them George"! I love that cartoon! Thank you for the kind words; I give Linda all the credit.

AkasaWolfSong said...

So Sorry for your loss is never easy when one of our furbabes cross the rainbow bridge but I'm sure Ms. Mot will be happily watching over you, Linda, and all the rest of the clan.

Your dedication to these 'wee' ones touches my could it not? They are all adorable and at least have a fighting chance with you two in the picture. :)

May You and Linda Be Blessed!!!

Teresa Evangeline said...

What a fine work of love you are doing. A life well-lived, and providing it for these beautiful little creatures.

Dawn Z said...

It is beauteous work you do giving these wonderful beings a chance to live a good life. I'm partial to Callie right now. I hope she gets stronger. Will these kittys find homes?

Ashling said...

Honesty requires full disclosure: Linda is the driving and sustaining force behind fostering these wee ones. I don't get up multiple times a night, don't help them pee & poop, and am afraid of bottle feeding them lest I screw it up, they aspirate milk and get sick or die as a result. I do burp them and help socialize them (and occasionally get peed on), but that's the easy part. My part in it is to recognize it makes her happy, try to make her rest when she can, wash the little milk bottles, & try to take on the other animals so Linda has less to deal with besides the babies. As my profile says, she has a heart too big to measure...the animals and I are all very, very blessed.

Robin Larkspur said...

Awww,my little Twink! Goodbye to her and her siblings, may they thrive and find great loving homes. Callie and Blackie are unbelievably tiny; sending lots of love and energy to them and to Linda and you as the efforts to help them succeed carries on. Poor little babies.
I am so very sorry about Mrs Mot; the loss of a beloved petfriend is hard to bear. Hugs to you and Linda!!

Jen said...

You guys are so good to take this on--your dedication and hard work (hi Linda!) is heartening and inspiring. I'm sorry you had to say goodby to Mrs. Mot.

Question: What do you think about indoor cats? My entire life I had indoor/outdoor cats with no problems. But since I moved to MA I had 2 cats disappear. No luck finding them despite much effort, and no sign that they were hit by a car. The local animal control person scared me with tales of a creature called a fisher that steals cats. Anyway, for the first time in my life I don't have a cat. I am too afraid of letting one out, but that's where they want to be.

the wild magnolia said...

i love that you all name the fur babies. i believe they "feel" their names, helps them feel permanent and loved. good job, both of you!

precious pics....and the new tiny's, adorable.

a big job, covered by, two big hearts. ❤❤

Ashling said...

@ Dawn...when the babies are big & strong and on solid food, they go back to the shelter to await adoption. Pip's siblings were all adopted within three weeks.

Nancy J said...

Your hearts are huge, as you accept new little ones, say a farewell to your beloved Mrs Mot, she will always be with you in spirit, and the ones you have helped grow will always so benefit from all the TLC, love, warmth and hugs you have given them.I believe that cats always remember their" kittenhood " and you are for sure making this so special.Yes, broken nights, scary times when feeding, but giving of yourselves is the most wonderful ,and all animal and specially cat and kitten lovers will know this.Fond greetings from Jean.