Now, where did I leave that?

Friday, November 30, 2012


It's really snowing! No accumulation is forecasted, but we've already had more snow in the last hour than we've had thus far for the season....deck is covered, and Yeti looks like, well, a snow-dusted yeti! 

Scrapper came to us 8 weeks ago, only a couple of days old. 

She was the only kitten of a litter of seven who survived. Linda spent two weeks doing 'round the clock-every-two-hours feedings, and the baby clung to life so fiercely we named her Scrapper. Today Scrapper went to the shelter, where she's being introduced into another litter of newly weaned kittens. She'll get to romp, play, and learn how to behave in cat society. And in another month or two she'll be spayed and ready for adoption. We didn't bond with her as we did Pip; it's a little sad to see her leave but she needs the company of other kittens. We look forward to the day she goes to her forever home. Linda took some farewell photos; she's turned into quite the cutie!

I've been informed I'm being kidnapped tomorrow! All Linda is telling me is that we'll be gone most of the day, will be both inside & out, we need to dress casually but nicely (no jeans & sneakers), and she says "If it's what it's promoted as, it'll be fun...and sweet."  I'm eager for a good surprise, and quite excited with the puzzlement of it. I promise to take photos and tell you all about it Sunday or Monday!

What fun do you have planned for this first weekend in December?


Robin Larkspur said...

LOL, love little Scrapper's Godzilla pose there. Good, loving care helped her thrive and survive. Kudos to Linda. Scrapper is going to make someone such a great furbaby!!
Your adventure tomorrow sounds incredibly exciting and fun! Can't wait to hear about it.
My husband got us tickets to Paula Poundstone tomorrow night. Love her! We will probably do some decorating too. take care, have fun!!

the wild magnolia said...

Scrapper is too cute. When we settle from our RV traveling I hope to have at least one kitty.

I am so excited about your surprise. How wonderful of Linda.

Jen said...

Scrapper is adorable--I'm sure she'll have fun with the other kittens and find a great home when she's ready. After being petless for the first time in my life I'm pretty sure I'm going to adopt an adult cat, one who will nap on my lap when I'm reading.

Fun and Sweet sounds perfect! Can't wait to hear what you do.

Nancy J said...

Snow,Scrapper and Surprise, the S'S have it this week for sure. Enjoy your day out, Scrapper will go to another loving caring family, goodbyes are always a bit hard, no matter how we try to be distant, the love bonds still tie us to the feline family, even if they live with us for such a short time.You and Linda give so much, I hope it is returned to you both in kind, one day. Greetings from Jean

AkasaWolfSong said... sweet Scrapper is and how awesome that she is now moving up in the world! :) Your Linda is a wonderful mother!!! (I'm sure you are too!)

How exciting that you are being taken to a suprise getaway...I'd be on pins and needles, lol. I can't wait to see what you did?

My plans are staying close to home this weekend as I've been running almost everyday this week. Today a friend or two may be stopping in and that will be nice...

Have a Grand Time and Blessings to All of You!

PatsyAnne said...

Can't wait to hear about your day - hopefully a great meal and a production of some sort... the mind boggles at the possibilities!
Scrapper is going to be the perfect cat, having a loving mommy who fed her, much love and loving and then going to kitty school - THEN a furever home... you did good! The gods smile on you both.

JGH said...

Awwww... I can understand why it's hard to say goodbye. It must be so gratifying though to save the lives of these little babies. Precious!
Curious where you were kidnapped to yesterday:))

JGH said...

Awwww.... how sweet. I can understand why it must be hard to say goodbye. It must be so gratifying though to know that you saved the lives of these little babies. Curious to know where you were kidnapped to :))

Michaele said...

Love what you did for this kitty and I WISH I were closer - I would take her! My heart swelled when you said what Linda did. Can't wait to see where you went!

Ashling said...

@ much fun was Paula Poundstone?

@Akasa--time with friends is a good thing!

@Michaele...guessing you can find a loving kitten in need of a home in your neck of the woods..."when the cat person is ready, the cat appears". And sometimes, before that!

@Patsyanne...thank you. I think the right family will love Scrapper.

@JGH...I didn't expect to be saddened, but there's comfort knowing she'll be with other kittens, and Linda can check on her right up until she's adopted.

@Nancy J...and Sharon Springs was two more wonderful 'S's!!

@Jen...adopting an adult cat is such a wonderful gift, to the cat and to one's self. Happy cat searching!

@Wild Magnolia...the time will come. Enjoy those rambles while you can!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Yeti and Scrapper are so cute! Looks like Yeti had fun in the snow :)