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Monday, December 3, 2012

Kidnapping, Victorian Style!

It started with vinegar...but not just any vinegar, this balsamic vinegar, made with figs & elderberry...

As Linda searched online for this delectable concoction that I'd seen in CountryLiving magazine and was sure we'd love, she went to the source and discovered

Thus was her nefarious plot hatched!

On a brisk, snow-dusted Saturday, we ventured out, kidnapper & kidnappee.

Only when we passed a sign for Sharon, NY did I suspect our destination (Sharon Springs, home of The Fabulous Beekman Boys),

but had no inkling of what awaited!

We were swept back in time, a time of genteel elegance,

exquisite architecture,

holiday merriment,

and gracious, friendly company.

We bought our Blaak Drizzle and explored shops,

watched REAL tinsel being made,

and had a wonderful late lunch at a BBQ food truck (Middleburgers, in Middleburgh) whose brave owners open in June and are still at it.

Contently weary, I allowed my kidnapper to take me home, where we turned up the fire, donned warm cozy clothes, ate cereal for dinner and slept well!

PS....the vinegar is luscious, tangy, sweet, mysterious and decadent!


Our Neck of the Woods said...

The architecture does look exquisite! I've tried balsamic vinegar before and liked it, but haven't had in a long time. I need to buy some more!

Akannie said...

Oh Oh Oh....the Fabulous Beekman Boys!!!!! I'm green with envy. And I love all sorts of vinegars too...yum...

Dawn Z said...

What a lovely kidnapping!

AkasaWolfSong said...

I'm so, so jealous, and yet extremely happy for you! The Beekman Boys! Lucky, Lucky You! :)

Your vinegar sounds delish, and I just love the photos, he he, and your coming home to put on comfy clothes, snuggling, and cereal for supper sounds divine.

Happy Holidays...

turquoisemoon said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time and I love balsamic vinegar! Haven't heard of that one, but mmmmm.... What a wonderful day.

Robin Larkspur said...

The Beekman Boys! Super time! What a beautiful place with a lot to see and do!! A great getaway!!! Thanks for sharing!

Jen said...

What fun! Just looking at the pictures makes me feel good about the holiday season.

Linda said...

Oh that looked so fun...your day sounded perfect....Glad you & Linda had a wonderful day...the vinegar sounds heavenly too...:)


PatsyAnne said...

Are these the Beekman Boys who are on Amazing Race? I, once ages ago, watched part of one of the shows and loved it but for some reason or other never watched any of the others. If these are the same "boys" then I have been rooting for them since Amazing Race started this year.
SO happy that your kidnapped day turned out so well - will be searching for the vinegar to order for a foody-family member for Christmas.

Ashling said...

@PatsyAnne...yes, they're in the Amazing Race, which I didn't know until we went to the Victorian Celebration.

@everyone remarking on the vinegar--we love balsamic vinegar and use some version of it regularly. The Blaak Drizzle has a sweet, slightly fruity flavor that really makes it stand out, and I really recommend it. It doesn't have the syrupy nature of some balsamics, but it's still delicious!

PatsyAnne said...

Thanks Ashling - I just went on their site and purchased vinegar/fruitcake/lemon honey for presents for Christmas!

Michaele said...

What a surprise! How neat of her to do that.

p.s. I have never heard anyone describe vinegar that way.

the wild magnolia said...

Be still my heart, a very wonderful day, love the pictures.

Thank you for sharing!

I'm checking out the vinegar.

Thanks for the visit. I took all the fluff of my blog. This is the season of less, and less is more anyway.

Happy December.

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Couldn't find your email, so thought I'd just send you a message here. I wanted to say thank you for your comment about Buttercup. I really appreciate it!

PatsyAnne said...

BEEKMAN BOYS WIN AMAZING RACE! On TV (before they won) they said they'd use it to pay off the mortgage on the farm so they can spend more time together rather than one taking care of the farm and one working in the city. They didn't win one leg of the race, and the other teams in the final four were consipiring to get them eliminated - BUT they pulled and fought back and reasoned it out and WON!