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Friday, July 26, 2013

Furry Friday

Linda's been bringing home kittens (and a cat) this Summer for fostering. The last batch was a mom and five babies, left abandoned in an apartment after the owners moved out. Mom stayed with us about a week, the babies another two weeks, and I'm sorry to say we never took photos. They were a wonderful bunch, too cute and playful. 

They left us a week and a half ago or so....and today she's brought home a batch of 3 week olds, surrendered with no mom. They should be brief visitors, just a couple of weeks, but it's a beautiful litter of four. 

There's a very very fuzzy black one as well, but so far no good photos. We've named the orange one Bellini (even though neither of us drinks), but it may be a few days before the others get their own call signs.

Gorgeous weather, dry and more...appropriately warm. Wishing you an abundantly beautiful weekend...go hug something furry!


Jen said...

They are adorable. You guys are so good to take them (and the others) in.

mxtodis123 said...

They are adorable. I always used to bring little kitty's home to save and find homes for them. One time I had the sweetest little tabby that I fell in love with. Hubby saw how attached I was becoming and said we weren't going to name him as he was going to go soon. So, hubby would say things like 'Here boy' or 'Boy, leave Miss Minga alone'. Guess what? The adoptive parents had to call him Boy. He thought that was his name.

Melody said...

It's a wonderful thing to help the little animals ~
I am ASTOUNDED by how many times I hear people move out of an apartment and leave animals behind! What goes on in your mind that you could justify doing that?
Kitties are adorable! :))))

marilyn said...

Just found your lovely blog via Penny at the Cutoff. As an extreme cat lover the pictures of the kittens have me begging for more. I shall return!

Ashling said...

@ Jen, thanks--Linda's the saint, but I admit the little buggers are irresistible.

@Mary--sounds like you have a very big heart & patient husband!

@Melody--Linda has worked for teh local shelter for three years; the heartbreaking stories are enough to sweat me off people some days!

@ Marilyn--thank you for stopping in!!

Dawn Z said...

Such sweet kitties! My only yen would be for a calico, but I'll bide my time. I now have you in my Blogtrottr list so's I can catch your latest stuff!

Looking forward to more Kitty posts.

Ashling said...

@ Dawn...the last batch included an adorable calico, who is actually still at the shelter for adoption. 3 of her siblings (of the litter of 5) were adopted this weekend.

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Oh my, they are so cute! It's awesome that you guys take them in and foster them. Thank you so much for helping them out!

Michaele said...

You are so big hearted! We have kittens too. I need to get some pics.