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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Blossoming

Summer is in full, sodden, muggy, hot swing, the air soupy and the sun blazing. While that's a tad rough on those of us who don't love the season, the flowers are brazenly blooming, luring hummingbirds, butterflies and bees.

Some, like the mandevilla, are downright wanton,

while the oxalis tucked into the Japanese maple pot 

and the toronia gracing the shade garden are more quietly alluring.

Like these more subtle blossoms, I too have been quietly venturing out into the world. I'm honored to be part of a brand-new Goddess-focused blogosphere that just launched this week. My blog will focus on the day-to-day relationship we can have with Goddess, a relationship that takes time, effort..and showing up. I hope you'll stop by and read my first offering: She Never Promised Us a Rose GardenMy deep thanks go out to the amazing Anne Niven, and my fellow bloggers; I feel blessed to be part of this gifted group of Goddess-centric writers. I'm definitely not abandoning this blog, just taking on something new as well. 

What's blossoming in your life today?


turquoisemoon said...

Beautiful flowers! It's hot around here too and has looked like rain all day. Have a great rest of your weekend. I'll check your first "offering"... Thanks!!!

Robin Larkspur said...

This has definitely been a hot humid summer so far, some days cooking and other days pouring rain. Very odd. Good photos of your plants.
I will definitely check out your new blog. Does this mean you are stopping this blog??

Ashling said...

Absolutely not stopping this blog....just expanding a bit!

A Quiet Corner said...

Although we are just beginning our collection of plants for the yard, what we have is also doing well!...:)JP

CraveCute said...

Lovely flowers, I think I have that same color toronia in my garden. Will be checking out your new blog. :)

CraveCute said...

Just read your new post and found it very enlightening and interesting. I added it to my Feedly and will be keeping up with it that way. Just don't want to do the whole sign in thing. As I age, I find I want to broaden my horizons so to speak, and love learning about other ways of thinking and living. Wonderful post!

Ashling said...

Thank you!

Willow said...

Hi Ashling, hope the humidity lets up for you .
So glad you stopped by ...did you recognize Peakamoose and the waterfall near the blue hole (swimming spot ) in the Catskill Mountains ... home away from home for us.
Off to visit your new blog.

Willow said...

Popping back from the other site . Fantastic post of the ebb , flow and embrace , great job expressing that.
I am an avid reader of Sage Woman as well.

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Your flowers are beautiful! It has been really hot here lately so our garden is kicking into gear. Congrats on your new blogging opportunity! How exciting :)