Now, where did I leave that?

Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello, Everyone!!!!

No, this handsome fellow hasn't taken up residence at our little homestead. He resides at Buckwheat Bridge Angora farm, a fabulously cool place we visited in the wind, rain and fog yesterday.  It was the kind of day that belied any hints of Spring, the kind that has my older son swearing he's going to move to North Carolina and us looking at the dwindling pile of pellets and wondering if there's any chance we can nurse them along for a few more weeks. The pellets we have left are the extra half ton we bought after blowing though the last three tons. I like cold weather and snow, but even the most avid Winter lovers are just....done

But there's hope!

Signs of Spring abound, though! The catalpa tree is budding, our garden plans have been drawn and we have dozens of seed packets. We visited a local maple sugaring operation (he even let us each tap a tree!). Fresh greens have hit the indoor  Farm Market,

the chickens are savoring the outdoors and stepping up egg production. Two weeks ago I retired the Winter dishes and pulled out my Spring coffee mug. 

Two of Linda's three hives survived the brutal Winter, and Saturday she picked up 30,000 bees for three new hives. And of course, with Spring comes babies! At the moment we're fostering two litters of kittens, 

both sets with their moms, which makes life so much easier for Linda.

My new job has started, and it's great. The people have been so welcoming, and I'm excited about all the projects underway. Each day is full and diverse, and I've had to hit the ground running, but it truly is all good. Funny thing is, as busy as it feels, it'll be Summer before I know it and that's when we'll really be busy! It's so god to be back in a library, and I don't miss the job I left behind at all. There is an adjustment period as I adapt to a very different schedule. The day starts and ends later, and the commute tacks on even more time. But you know, it's amazing...I go to bed and fall right to sleep instead of tossing and turning; in fact many nights I don't even read before falling asleep. My days off don't whiz by; they're wonderful and I will always wish they could last forever, but I don't look at the clock with shock and dread anymore. 

So life is good. 

Is Spring springing where you are yet (or Fall, for those in the Southern Hemisphere)?


Nancy J said...

Your words sing with happiness, longer days and travel, but it sounds as though you are in the right place now.Love the goats, greens, and specially the kittens. Down here, Fall or Autumn is definitely here, leaves falling, cherry blossom tree have golden leaves, I will post some photos soon. Cheers to you both and all at your home, Jean.

Anonymous said...

Is that an ANGORA GOAT!!!!! Sooooo cool!!! I love the yellow coffee mug. My FAVORITE color. Your happiness does come out in your post. This is why you know Grace. Though keeping the Polar Vortex in the Polar region certainly would not be a bad thing. :)

Dawn Zichko said...

All kinds of Spring Busy. I'm glad you feel life is good. It sounds like you're in a great place!

Willow said...

Ashling I am so glad your happy with your work and life :))
Spring has jus started to peek in on the farm ~
our first crocus popped up Saturday.

Michaele said...

This post is just filled with joy. Thanks so much for sharing. I think working at a library would be wonderful. Happy Spring!

A Quiet Corner said...

Ashling, so good to hear things are going well for you...hang in there, Spring is beautiful in Aruba!...:)JP

Brian Kelly said...

Glad to see you posting again, and enjoying the new job so much! And that mug is perfect.

Brian Kelly said...

I think my phone may have deleted my comment. Anyway, glad to see you posting again! I'm glad the job is going so well. And that mug is a good harbinger of spring.

Jen said...

You sound so happy! I'm glad you're enjoying your new job and that there are signs of spring.

I've been thinking about fostering kittens, but am a little nervous. Not sure why--maybe that I'll get too attached?

Akannie said...

Great news about the new job. It's a good life when you can go right to sleep at night=-=-def an indicator.

Every time spring seems to be almost here, crazy shit happens. It's greening up, though we're having thunderstorms and monsoons and tornado warnings.

At least it's warmer...and my cast is off. And hopefully things can start getting back to normal.

Rain said...

Definitely a wise choice! Isn't it funny the things we learn are really important....if only we could teach the young ..... But they have to learn the hard way also........
Love your spring mugs...... We have 2feet of white here in the woods-but in town lots of bare lawns- so spring is coming!! And a few 45-50 degree days that are so warm here..... They are very cold when in Florida!!!
Keep stitching, -Rain