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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Bees Have Landed

Linda is now officially a beekeeper, and too damn cute, if you (and she) will pardon me saying so.  I had to convince her not to go up in the dark last night to peek at 'the girls', as beekeepers refer to 'their' bees.  I took some (long-distance) photos this morning as she tended to her second-day beekeeper duties, and will post them in a day or two. 
In other 'news', the bobwhite has been seen yet again, we had our first hummingbird sighting of the year yesterday and so have hung two feeders, and two house wrens have decided we're done using the pellet stove for the season and are--as I write--building a nest in the stovepipe. We have gloriously ecstatic clematis turning heads over by the grape arbor.  And finally, the Joy spinning wheel and I experienced a failure to communicate; she has been returned to her home and a rented Ashford Traveller has taken up temporary residence.  We had a slow start but spent some meaningful time together yesterday getting to know each other, and by day's end, I think we were both pleased with the beginning of our relationship.  She's a sweet thing, and it was longing at first sight.  I'm trying to take it slow, but my suspicion is that a Traveller will be putting down roots in our home before the year ends. 
Is it really already Sunday evening?  Really?  Sigh.

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