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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Magnificent Crones

Friendship is a strange entity....there are people you believe will be friends forever, and then time or life or betrayals (minor or major, perceived or real) change everything. There are people you're sure you created soul contracts with before landing here, and indeed you find each other again--miraculously, given the sheer numerical odds. There are work friends and travel friends, occasional phonecall friends and those you talk to/text/email all day long. The type of friends I'd like to acknowledge today are the ones that come together over a shared purpose, who become family bonded by blood, sweat, tears, laughter--always the laughter. This is in honor of a trio of such womyn, who will be celebrating their croning in about a week and a half. Each has her own unique strengths and gifts, and I love, admire and respect them all.
Mary, you have such a warm and welcoming acceptance of others--flaws and all--and a grounded spirit that knows how to fly with the angels.
Diane, you have a strength few people can ever aspire to, and a heart to match (and a laugh that makes everyone else join in with you).
Kam, you have an ability to combine work and play with child-like delight and adult common sense that engages and inspires the people around you.
I could go on and on about each of you, with poetry, humor and emotion, but for once I'll be brief...I wish you a joyous, powerful, most blessed croning; may the next phase of your lives bring you peace and daily awareness of how much you mean to all whose lives you touch, whether for one long weekend a year, or every day.

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