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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day Two

Four day weekends are a beautiful--and all too rare--thing.  I'll confess I'm watching the weather; my fingers are crossed in hope that the threatening showers will actually happen and give me a great excuse to not spend the morning weedwhacking and planting because I'm feeling very lazy and would rather knit, spin and read today.  Lest one think I'm a total sloth, I did do a little mowing yesterday. After scaring the bejesus out of Mots, I remembered that last summer my nickname for her was Miss Peony, because her favorite summer napping place is tucked in and under a large peony. The reminder came when I mowed right next to said peony....oops! As for the rest of the day's plans, it wasn't anyone's fault the Grasshog's head fell off, aborting the rest of the day's outdoor plans! Ummmm...the weeds are waist high surrounding all the raised beds, so until that's knocked down, no planting can happen.   Have you noticed how the air is saturated with the scent of (what I think is) sweetbriar?  I'll include some photos when I get a chance, but everywhere I look are cascades of white blossoms with yellow centers on thorny stems.  Last night the scent sweetly filled the livingroom.
And speaking of last night--FIREFLIES!!!  Linda beckoned for me to join her outside last night.  Expectantly I looked to the sky, expecting astronomical wonders of some kind, until she whispered, "you don't need to look so high"....and there, winking among still-tall weeds (aha!  fate made the Grasshog's head fall off!), were fireflies!


caitlynjohnson said...

There is some kind of deep wisdom here! When fate makes the Grasshog head fall off and when you don't look so high, there are fireflies! What a magical blog.

Jenny said...

Fireflies, how cool - stars of the fields - send some here!