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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Quick Thoughts

An apparent pinched nerve is totally screwing with me, severely limiting knitting and computer time, but last night was so enjoyable I wanted to immortalize it.  We had a belated celebration of older son's 29th (!) birthday.  He and his wife, my younger son, and my sister all joined us for a feast of cool, refreshing salads, cold beverages and alot of laughter.  The conversation ranged from older son's murderous thoughts on our vole problem to Linda's bees to Arizona politics to spiders to hummingbirds to bats to semi-local politics (hmmm....sensing a couple of themes here) to daughter-in-law's Ph.D pursuits, and on and on.  Most of the cats joined us (Susie was feeling a bit reclusive), and the evening outside ended with a fabulous strawberry pie imported from Red Hook and a fireworks display--as my sister phrased it--courtesy of dozens of fireflies.  What a perfect summer evening.

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