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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Sheer Yeti-ness of It All

Last night we took Yeti for her--our--first training session with Charlene Marchand, a renowned trainer.  It was fascinating and surprisingly hard work, but we look forward to helping Yeti be even more wonderful than she is.  We've become 'those people', those folks who want their dog with them everywhere, so we need to learn how to help Yeti be one of 'those dogs' who can join us on our wanderings and explorations. A couple of nights ago, Linda took some Yeti photos as the sun was setting.  Gorgeous, isn't she?
We're so glad that she's come into our lives....


Brian Kelly said...

I'm happy she's with you too! The Maryannster needs to meet this dog soon.

Caitlynjohnson said...

This i truly one of the most appealing dogs I've ever seen in photos. I'd love to meet her, and see you!