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Friday, September 10, 2010

West and Wewaxation

The title of the post is a nod to Elmer Fudd, of course, as well as summing up my weekend plans.  I was horrified today to learn that Oscar the Grouch is no longer grouchy, and Cookie Monster has abandoned cookies for carrots.  THIS is what my PBS dollars are paying for?   Granted, the showing of the Royal Shakespeare Company's Hamlet with Patrick Stewart was great, and I'm an Antiques Roadshow slut (an earlier post pointed out that one version of a perfect evening includes knitting and watching as one person or another discovers that the hideous vase left to them by Great Uncle George is worth gazillions of dollars), but to learn of the bastardization of Sesame Street was truly sad.  Okay, granted, I'm pretty exhausted at the end of several days of rising at 5am and leaving work at 8pm, so maybe I'm overreacting, but seriously????  Cookie Monster now sings the CARROT song??????  And Oscar the Grouch is a 'nice grouch'?  'O" is for Oxymoron....let's say it together!
On an absolutely unrelated note, abandoned work a couple of hours early today, and headed home. My weary soul perked up just a bit as I hit the bridge and the mountains came into view.  The air was clear and cool, the river sighed and ruffled with the wind, and there was enough shadow-and-light play that every dip and hidden valley was visible, aching to be stroked, the velvety curves longing to be traced by a celestial finger.  I could happily have nestled into those inviting folds and slept more deeply deeper and contentedly than Rip Van Winkle ever did.

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