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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weary Thoughts on a Thursday Morning

1) I may have been an early riser my whole life, but getting up day after day at 5 or 5:30 is literally exhausting. 2) The scent of of a warm dog on a cool morning as she nuzzles me while I'm on the computer is actually kind of earthy and pleasant. 3)The 24 lbs I've lost following Weight Watchers since June is taking a hit, and getting on the scale tomorrow will be disturbing.  Note to self: next time you buy cookies for the customers during a rush period, buy cookies that you DON'T like.  Exhaustion and stress are a fatal tag team! 4) Getting home after 8 at night and then leaving again by 6:45am is decidedly unpleasant. 5) Fall is racing towards us now; I can see it even through the windows on a hot day. 6) Dehydrating grapes creates exquisite smells, but one needs to SEED the grapes first! 7) I'm dreaming of my fabulous carrot parsnip soup (okay, Moosewood's carrot parsnip soup!) and my cranberry pumpkin bread. 7) Is it Friday yet????  Please?????

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