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Monday, March 26, 2012

More Pictures than Words

We've been busy planting seeds (so far we've planted mesclun mix, arugula, radishes, snow peas, beets, kale & chard) and starting the new chicken coop, but there's also been time for a little knitting (less once we started building; hammering exacerbates tendonitis) and appreciating Spring...

We realized that the future coop was in danger of being drowned as water poured off the garage roof, so before we could start building, we needed to remedy that situation. We installed a gutter (no downspout yet)...I was even the 'handy one' this time, in that I actually read the directions!

Once we installed the gutter, we could begin building!

It may look odd, but that is one sturdy--and absolutely level-- floor.

I finished the first sock! It's too big, and the kitchener stitch was weird, but it's a sock. Now I'm working (when my hands will let me) on sock #2; once that's finished I can try some of the easier patterns people have shared with me.

Working outside lets us really appreciate the glories of Spring, like shy hyacinths, 

dancing daffodils,

and exuberant, exultant forsythia!


Jen said...

Look at all the flowers you have! And that sock is fabulous--it looks so warm and cozy, and is a great color. I enjoy reading about your various projects.


AkasaWolfSong said...

Dear Ashling...what lovely flowers you have. :) I'm loving watching the progress you and your partner do. Have you ever done a Chinese downspout? A few quick searches on the internet just might make you smile as these are not only eco-friendly but they save on water for the gardens you have too?

Just a suggestion...I saw them several years ago and was instantly pulled in. I suggested them to my landlord but he didn't seem like he wanted to put in the work...

Anywho..have a lovely week and by the way, your sock is awesome! :)

Ashling said...

@ Jen...thank you! We 'inherited' the flowers when we bought the house, so every year it's a fresh surprise. The previous owner loved lilacs and there are several bushes of them...that's my favorite of all that was planted.

@Akasa...I'll look up the downspout; is it like a rain chain? And thanks for the kind sock words.

@Robin...I accidentally deleted your comment; I'm so sorry!

Linda said...

Beautiful flowers & the coop is starting off great....I admire your work on the sock...This winter I have decided to try crochet...but it has to wait for now... :)

the wild magnolia said...

my but this was a fun visit, seeing all your hard work, and springs arrival.

love the sock, even if it is too big.

the garden will give you great good food.

have a happy week.

Michaele said...

Well that coop will certainly be handy having it that close to the house. I admire you for doing the work yourselves. And - thanks for reminding me to plant beets : )

In My Wild Eden said...

You finished your sock! Yay! I am very impressed. I am excited to see your coop progress. We have been thinking about building one. We are getting closer to the idea of having chickens. I can't wait to see how yours turns out.