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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Of Socks & Food

  Wow--the whole food change thing has really struck a chord with folks! I'm so grateful for the support 'out there', and amazed that there are so many others facing the same challenge. Is this what the age of convenience has done to us? Have we abandoned and forgotten 'real food' and are now suffering the numerous consequences? Sunday we shopped for the week's food; I was down with a nasty stomach bug and barely got through shopping, but went because I was determined to start this plan first thing Monday morning. Poor Linda was stuck making the first batch of the Ultrabroth. It took an hour of prep, and another 90 minutes of cooking; she's so good to me. Yesterday, came home from work and was immediately tied to the kitchen, chopping and prepping for dinner; even with Linda's help, it was over an hour, and included a lengthy discussion of whether to start mauling vegetables for the next batch of broth or wait until tonight when dinner itself will require less prep (and you better believe we're going to make a bigger batch of broth this time!). Told her this 'new' way of eating will make me crazy, because it suddenly feels like it's consuming me. Planning, prepping, considering what I 'can' or 'can't' eat have taken over my life already. I had no idea how much I relied on convenience/processed food, and how little time I spent preparing fresh, healthy, unadulterated food. And yet, I would have said that I cook alot and use plenty of vegetables and such. After all, I live for Farm Market shopping and go into ecstasies of glee over fresh brussels sprouts and tomatoes. But clearly, convenience, not freshness, was my go-to ingredient.
  The first day went surprisingingly well! I stayed with the plan...breakfast was plain, fat-free Greek yogurt with a dollop of Simply Fruit stirred in, and an apple later. Lunch was Ultrabroth, edamame & grape tomatoes. Dinner was Lemon-Garlic-Basil chicken breasts and Gingered Carrots with Red Onions & Broccoli. I admit, I'm so accustomed to a sweet treat at night that all the knitting in the world couldn't silence that wee voice whispering sweet nothings in my ear (and I don't mean Linda) about 9 pm. My solution was half an apple, nuked with cinnamon and a teaspoon of maple syrup. It worked, comforting and shushing that voice without throwing the day's efforts out the window into the cold, dark night. And I was very surprised at how little I was tempted to answer the call of the vending machine yesterday afternoon. It's awfully close to my office, and its siren song of Twix bars and Rice Krispie Treats often drowns out all other sounds. But yesterday I just covered my ears, sipped the salty-sweet Ultrabroth, and went on with my work. Pretty cool. Drinking the Chinese herbal formula twice a day--ugh.
Less manageable with each cup, but the hives are improving, not dramatically, but noticeably, so I'll suck it up at least until the next visit Friday.
  This blog is not going to become all about food and changing my eating lifestyle, I promise. It's a big part of the picture for me at the moment, but there will always be wool, and critters, and life in our neck of the woods. Ya know what I've been doing? Knitting a sock! Settled myself down at CountryWool's 'sit & knit' Saturday afternoon, and Claudia was infinitely patient. I hadn't made as much of a disaster as I'd thought, but because of one significant and irreparable error, we pulled it out to the start of the heel flap, and I worked it right through the heel turn & the gusset! By golly, it looks like a sock!

I am knitting a sock for real!! And it might one day be finished! On the easy part now, just straight knitting for several inches to complete the foot. I refuse to even look at the toe directions at the moment; having too much fun watching this actually become sock-like! Do I dare envision a sock-filled world ahead of me?


turquoisemoon said...

Agreed..."it feels like it's consuming me"!!! It is good to know that others are going thru this too. Thanks for posting this. I am following closely. :>

In My Wild Eden said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. I am so happy to have met you.

Anonymous said...

good for youwith the healthy eating I love the color of your sock,, you're on the home stretch , now the toe is easy,, once you do one you'll be good to go!