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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Autumn Rest

lost in overheated, dreamless sleep,
I missed the rustling breeze
As you entered the room.
I didn't see the golden glow of your smile,
didn't feel the dip of the mattress
as you slipped cool and gentle
into my wrinkled bed.
Your breath whispered
with mine,
A rhythm older than Earth
quieting my soul,
And the fever left me.
I calmed,
curling into the curve of your body,
at peace,
at rest,
Until the sun returns.

(c) Ashling Kelly, 2012


Robin Larkspur said...


Linda said...

Very Romantic & restful <3

laurie said...

thats just so very very beautiful,

Jen said...

Beautiful. It has such a calm dreamy feel.

kelly said...

this is lovely. i feel calmer just having read it. thank you so much stopping my blog today to say. love,kelly

Akannie said...

Wonderful words, on a wonderful, dreamy Wednesday.

cleemckenzie said...

I loved your poem, Ashling. Hope it's being published in a collection.