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Thursday, September 20, 2012

We Have Winners!

Many thanks to all who contributed their ideas and names.  The winners are:

Twink, courtesy of Robin Larkspur

And Oliver Wendell, thanks to PatsyAnne!

But we'll hang onto these other names since I'm guessing come Spring, Linda will have more babies!

Thank you, everyone!


Robin Larkspur said...

Awwww, Twink! She's my precious!!
And Oliver Wendell is perfect for the little fellow!!
Hope you all get some sleep soon!

Jen said...

Great names!

the wild magnolia said...

fabulous names, both are perfect.

PatsyAnne said...

Ah, Twink is perfect for the little one with the perfect little white "hand" and wee pink nose! I LOVE it. Now is Twink a girl or a boy? Its funny that Oliver Wendell look exactly MY Oliver Wendell when he was about 6 weeks old (when I adopted him)... the markings and the stripies... he ended up with a "gold nose" just down where your OW has a darker grey one... Thanks for honor of his name... if "he" turns out to be a "she", change it to Ollie Wendy... LOL

Linda said...

I needed to see those faces today!!! such cuteness...LOVE the names!! LOL

Brian Kelly said...

Both names are great. Bonus points for Oliver Wendell. More cats should have historic names.