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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wee Hour Wanderings

My job is often stressful, but there are several periods through the year when the stress ratchets up. About three weeks' worth of those stressful times are made up of 13+ hour days; today I need to be at work at 6:30 a.m., and if it's a really, really good day, I'll walk in the door at 8:00 tonight. So waking up from nerves and whatever else at 2 a.m. is charming, just the gooey butter cream frosting on the cake. Did one of the tasks I'd brought home for the weekend, then decided I'd do a quick post. I suspect it'll be at least a week before the next one because of time constraints (and utter exhaustion; by day's end I'm lucky to be able to string three words together coherently). I've done this enough times it shouldn't stress me out, but it always does...and I'm one of those people who gets teary when exhausted, so I'm praying today is smooth as silk.

Fall is creeping closer. Everything has that blowsy look I often refer to as 'stayed a little too late at the party'. Mama Nature looks a little tired; her mascara is smudged, eyes bloodshot, hair a tad tangled. She needs a good long nap (mmm....sleep sounds delicious right now!), a shower, a strong cup of coffee (I'll share a cup of my Dean's Beans Ring of Fire), a gentle walk on a cool, crisp day. But she parties on, storing up those good times like a squirrel with a new-found hickory tree. Meanwhile I'm looking for the door, ready to blow this popsicle stand, daydreaming about crackling fires, burnt oranges and maroons, pulling out the wool for knitting, spinning & felting again, making soups, lounging about in fleece, cozy group snuggles on the couch with Linda and both dogs & Pip.

Pip is just a couple ounces shy of 4 lbs!!! She's five months old now, and much smaller than she should be, but growing steadily. She's fearless, assumes the world is her catnip toy (this includes our ponytails, Yeti's paws, Lola's tail....) and an incredibly loving kitten. When she sleeps, she positions herself so she's touching both Linda and me. She purrs on contact, and is never happier than when getting into mischief or falling asleep between us on the couch. We love her to pieces, so much so that Linda just acquired cat tv (aka, an aquarium). Yes folks, we now have 'rescue fish'. The neighbors are moving and downsizing in preparation for doing some world travel in another year. Daughter couldn't bring her tropical fish to the new home/new life, so she waylaid us in the driveway yesterday afternoon, and 24 hours later, we became fish owners. Linda had tropical fish while living in Thailand as a teenager, and is tickled pink to take the hobby back up. That brings the count to 2 dogs, 5 cats, 3 chickens (soon to be 5 as we're taking a couple of the neighbors' chickens in the next couple of weeks), and about a dozen fish. Please note: the inn is full!  No vacancy. Really.

So....wishing you all a gentle week with happy surprises and the promise of good things to come.


Robin Larkspur said...

I feel for you having to deal with stressful long hours; I hope you will find a moment to breathe easy.

Fish. Not my favorite thing. Pretty to watch, but a troublesome thing to care for, at least for me. Hope all goes well.

Your kitten sounds very precious! She obviously has attained Queendom quickly there in your household, as is her right and honor!!

Anonymous said...

you sound like a woman with a full plate, my wish for you is some calm days sitting admiring those beautiful fish, I just hope the cats don't eat them!

Jen said...

Thanks for the update on Pip. How are the chickens?

Hope this stressful time at work goes smoothly.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Can't wait for you to be able to come up for air! Breathe Sister, Breathe!

I'm with you on welcoming Autumn and cooler days...which it will be here by the latter part of the week and I can't wait! It was 93 here yesterday...uugghhh. I'm so over summer. Good news is the leaves are beginning to turn and fall, albeit early, I'll take whatever comes.

I love fish and fish tanks but don't do very well with them. I seem to kill them off even tho I take such pains with them. *sigh*

Hopefully next time you'll show us a pic of Pip! :)

Take care Beautiful and I'm sending some booster energy to you!
Love and Light,

the wild magnolia said...

I laughed out loud about the "rescue fish"! Cat TV too! If you hadn't taken time to post, I may not have laughed this morning!

Wishing you a gentle week too!

Rain said...

Hope you can slow down soon and take it easier!! I followed it-your post-all except the burnt oranges did stump me !?!
Enjoy your moments, Rain

Ashling said...

Thanks for the good wishes & energy boosts...Rain--colors; I love Fall's burnt orange (deeper, mellower brown-orange) & maroon colors.

Brian Kelly said...

I usually want summer to last forever, but I'm more than ready for Autumn to bring a change of color, a change of tone, and a change of "feel."