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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Present

I'll admit that these days, as the work pace and associated stress pick up (not that it was exactly a leisurely Summer), my thoughts are turning more and more to lush longings....partaking of my famous pumpkin bread and coffee by the fire, hearing Yeti--and Linda--crunch through leaves, drinking in glorious colors that illuminate the soul, nestling into flannel shirts and soft blankets.  Fall isn't here yet; I've heard her whisper, but she's not here....which is just as well because I won't see the light of day (except on weekends) for the next three weeks!  But I find myself waiting, yearning for her arrival as one awaits a lover who has been away too long, much as I used to be consumed by anticipation of Linda's arrival when we were building a relationship over 300 miles. My beloved and I will celebrate six years together this Fall...that adds to my profound love of this approaching season.  All I know is the promise of Fall's imminent arrival is what carries me through the final hot breath of Summer, the long, stressful days, and too short nights....She's coming, and I for one will welcome her with open arms.

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