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Monday, August 23, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

The Weather Channel was quoting the Carpenters this morning when giving the forecast for a wet and windy Monday.  Rainy days don't bring me down, especially when they can be spent properly (as yesterday was not), but yeah....those Mondays are a killer!
My fantasy?  I'm dreaming of a wild and woolly day, one in which I can flit from scarf to never-to-be-completed- sweater, practice some sadly neglected spinning, with rest breaks of reading and napping.  The reality that awaits is a long and hectic work week.  Sigh.  But Linda and I worked diligently this weekend and the week's meals are already prepared, ironing is done for a couple of weeks, and Yeti is once again pretty and fresh-smelling courtesy of the Universal Dog Wash. We even had a date night and saw The Kids Are All Right.  Small victories, right?

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dawnzee said...

I adore a good rainy day! Especially when followed by a bunch of sun-drenched, dusty-dry-yet-humid ones. Autumn's return is okay by me.