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Friday, August 6, 2010

Good Things

A couple of days off; dinner on the back porch with Linda, my sons, my sister, and younger son's girlfriend; watching hummingbirds and then bats as the evening progressed; letting Yeti meet everyone; laughing so hard it hurt; Nestle frozen pineapple bars; waking up to a clean house (okay, cleanER) after having prepared for company; Weather Channel promises that the humidity is finally going to drop; anticipating the fun we are going to have with the doctor prescribed Wii Fit Plus (we'd been wanting one but had put it off due to cost, but when my doctor recommended the Yoga program in it as a 'treatment' for my over-the-top stress--seriously, she did--we took the plunge and I'll hook it up today); seeing the scale numbers continue to drop; the bursting sweetness of the orange cherry tomatoes picked in our garden yesterday; looking forward to a weekend with more good things like Farmers' Markets and maybe picking up my knitting again; and this:

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