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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Of Luck and Life

Yeti is turning out to be, as Linda said, a dream dog.  She may be a collie/Aussie shepherd mix, but her temperment appears to be very much that of the calmer, less intensely workaholic collie.  She sleeps on the floor in our bedroom at night, not disturbing us, and not making a fuss when one or the other of us needs to get up briefly in the middle of the night.  We take her for long walks, but each day we can see her behaving a bit better on the leash--even this morning when we spied a young buck dashing across the road right in front of us, she didn't bark and while she'd have gladly given chase, she responded to my redirection.  This afternoon Linda took her out in the yard--off the leash at last! Linda settled down among the coneflowers to watch her romp, but there was no romping.  There was flopping down in the grass and looking around calmly.  We may have indeed lucked out with our Yeti...or, when the cool weather arrives, we may find her inner shepherd emerges and wears us out....
Work....not so much luck there; I need the current project to be done so I can move on mentally. Missed my sweater knitting class because I needed to be at work tonight.  This is not terrible; I confess to having only accomplished about two inches of actual sweater (beyond the three inches of ribbing) thus far, even though I knit each evening I was in Missouri. We're off our evening routines since a certain furry being entered our lives, and it'll take awhile to find our rhythms. But still, I had intended to go to class and knit away whilst Claudia explained things, and it's unfortunate that work interfered. Last night was sweet twilight slipped in the back door, I watered the garden beds, sneaking peeks at Linda and Yeti hanging out on the porch, watching the bats hurrying out for the night's feasting.  And Tuesday night we were graced by magically good fortune in the guise of a hummingbird moth!  These are fascinating, imagination-stirring creatures, and I've longed to see one in our yard.  Many years ago I visited the gardens at Boscobel as a prelude to seeing a performance of Shakespeare (as an aside, if one has never seen a performance of the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, on the grounds of Boscobel overlooking the river, one has missed an exquisite experience), and the gardens were kissed by dozens of these fairy-like beings.  I was entranced then, so you can well imagine how lucky I felt when Linda spied one tasting the cleomes, just inches away.  I tried taking photos, but haven't downloaded them yet. 
Luck is extending to the gardens as well; once the tomatoes start really ripening, we'll be buried alive in them, based on the sheer volume of green promises!  In the meantime, the Farmer's Market is taking on a rosy glow as tomatoes start appearing.  Linda tells me the peaches are wonderful this year, and I'm still enjoying the sweet apricots; this week I suspect plums will make their way home with us.  So life is (mostly) feeling pretty damn lucky.....

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