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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Yeti has already turned out to be full of surprises.  She's affectionate, sweet, gentle, and unexpectedly well-behaved.  Even the barking we were advised about has turned out to be far less of an issue than we'd feared.  It's there, and the dogs across the street are definitely inspiration for Yeti's own orations, but she's barely barked at all today.  She's currently stretched out on her bed here in the office, and we're looking forward to a bit of a ramble later.  Sadly, Dottie is taking this pretty badly; we'd hoped that, having grown up with assorted raccoon orphans that Linda fostered each Spring for many years, Dottie would take Yeti in stride, but she's a tad unhappy.  The others are keeping a low profile, so the jury is out, and of course no one has met anyone except through a screened door.  Yeti is interested in the girls, but after some well-mannered, staying-put, perky-eared curiosity, her attention wanders elsewhere.
We're getting used to the smell of dog, and have thoroughly enjoyed the beginnings of gettingto know each other.  Tomorrow we pick up our usual schedules, while figuring out a routine that works well for is never, EVER dull here.....

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Brian Kelly said...

"...definitely inspiration for Yeti's own orations..."

Nicely worded!