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Saturday, July 10, 2010


We braved the elements to hit the Hudson Farmers' Market this morning (okay, so the rain had stopped, and since the humidity this week has caused us to begin to grow gills anyway, there wasn't alot of valor involved); I was all business, list in hand, shopping with a purpose and avoiding the temptations of cheeses and pies.  Linda took a couple of photos with her cell phone (we invariably forget the camera when we mean to bring it, and always remember it when there's absolutely nothing to inspire a shutterbug):

Fog and Thistle Farm's table
(note the lovely--and last--bunch of carrots, now in our crisper awaiting their addition to a Sesame-Ginger Pasta Salad)

Alas, I didn't catch this vendor's name,
but they were selling pure sunshine....
'Swampy' also describes my state of mind this week.  Work is a tad overwhelming at the moment; one might think Summer would be a quiet time, but this year it's anything but as I've taken on a couple of major projects, both very fact, I'm taking a break from some tedious-but-necessary work-related endeavors (brought the work home) to post this.  A gorgeous yellow butterfly has just found the purple echinaceas...a little shaft of light kissing each flowerhead.  Last night we got to watch a hummingbird trying to get lucky; did you know that the male hummingbird will fly in a swooping, swinging, pendulum-like pattern as part of the courtship ritual?  It's astonishing to watch.  This fellow wasn't exactly in it for the long haul, suspending his dance after just a few swoops, so I'm not sure how that all worked out for him.  The petunias on the porch rail--fully visible from my office chair--are glowingly neon hot pink and purple in the hazy gray day, and everything looks just a wee bit fresher from today's rain.  I'm itching to toss aside my work....really, it COULD mostly wait till the work week begins....and head upstairs to cooler, drier climes and do some long overdue carding and spinning.  I suspect that surrendering to that urge is the antidote to mental bogginess...

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