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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Aforementioned Coneflowers

Some photos Linda took yesterday:

One of Linda's bees found treasure. Those little yellow 'balloons' on her legs are the pollen she's collected to bring home to the hive.

Yesterday morning was perfect for gathering Queen Anne's Lace and coneflowers to bring inside.  In the background you can see the green tulle protecting the grapes from their mortal enemy, the Japanese beetles.  Linda is one smart cookie! (Helen says the Greeks
have been doing this forever, but it was new to us)

Not just for honeybees....

Who would have thought a honeybee
and a flower could be a work of art?

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Jenny Yates said...

I love your early morning description, especially the "glowing runway lights" for the birds. My toes were wet, I was so there...