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Saturday, July 24, 2010

We're Off to See the Yeti

Or, What We Did This Weekend.....We have a boatload to do in a short time, so this is a quickie.  Someone I know came into my office last week wanting to show me the Columbia-Greene Humane Society's website photo of the dog she was planning to adopt.  As we scrolled through looking for this person's chosen companion, one particular dog caught my eye, and through the evening I kept thinking about her; showed her picture to Linda and, well, not-very-long-story later, after spending lots of time researching, and meeting her, taking her for a walk, hanging out with her, Linda and I held hands and took a flying leap off the cliff.....we are bringing our dog home this afternoon!  We'd been discussing getting a dog for more than a year, although that was usually in reference to a puppy. But....she was brought into the shelter a month ago by someone who said she was 'found', but she clearly isn't a stray.  She appears well-trained and well-behaved, a beautiful collie/Australian shepherd mix with one brown eye and one blue.  Yes, we know.....we know all about the need for huge amounts of exercise (guess we'll both be goosing up that weight loss with long brisk dog walks and play times), and that she may try to herd the cats, and that both breeds are extremely intelligent, loyal and loving.  We know she has a "speaking habit" which will require patience and firmness and training so we stay sane.  Her shelter-appointed name is Yeti and after much deliberation, last night we had name tag printed with that name.  So we're now (or will be this afternoon) owners of one of those elusive, perhaps mythological creature.  MUCH more to follow....including photos!

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