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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Boundary Issues

My beeloved honey needs to set some clearcut boundaries pretty darn quickly. I absolutely support her beekeeping efforts--how awesome that in her way she's literally helping to save the planet! And it's fantastic that she truly loves the bees, and seems to have an almost spiritual connection to them and the work--the calling--of beekeeping. HOWEVER....I am not amused that they periodically come a callin', buzzing at the front door to ask if she can come out and play, or even worse, as just happened, wandering INSIDE the house! Yes indeedy, I looked up from my work (no, haven't made it upstairs yet, even though brilliantly turquoise fleece is calling my name) to see a honeybee on the decidedly wrong side (as in, MY side) of the screen door. There's a garden bed FILLED with yarrow and echinacea 100 feet away...does the plantless office really seem like the place to be if one is a bee? I think not!

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