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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Magic Happens!

One of the things I love about spinning is the sheer magic of it. One starts with this:

A little gentle tugging and pulling, and you go from soft balls of fluff and end up with a long filmy cobweb. That cobweb gets spun into yarn!

 Claudia is beyond knowledgeable, and is both funny and endlessly patient. Never mind that I took this same class with her a year and a half or or so ago; this time it REALLY clicked. After awhile the rhythm felt natural, I had no trouble keeping the wheel spinning clockwise, and my roving didn't break at all in the final 45 minutes of class. She described spinning as being perfect for those who need to be in control; while I can't say as I feel 'in control' with it just yet (and shudder at those words because everyone said a standard transmission would be great for me because I'm a control freak, but in fact, I found it more demanding and in control of me than a two-year old and hated that car!), I did have moments of feeling in sync, as if the wheel, the wool and my will all had the same destination in mind. Heady stuff.

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the wild magnolia said...

Great share, I love the photos, and word explanations!

I think this is a wonderful art to pursue. Bravo.

I appreciate you sharing this.

Happy Day, Happy Night.