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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rising from the Mire

  One can only wallow so long, so a quick update: Sunday I did indeed resume spinning, practicing singles. So I may not travel at the rate of the rest of my sheep-to-sweater classmates...the philosophers say it's the journey, not the destination. My sister tells me it's time to stop expecting perfection from myself, so I'll just take my time and enjoy the process.
  We have a new chicken plan in the works. It involves fewer chickens, a smaller coop located much closer to the house with access to electricity (and it'll have outside nestbox access for us); we'll make a runway of sorts to let them have their ample former stomping and foraging grounds up top, and will avoid flighty chickens so they stay within the fencing and away from gardens--ours AND our neighbors'. Millie and a couple of the others wandered over the other day from their now-home across the road, and I was so delighted to see her that I'm looking forward to making it work this time.
  Seed and plant catalogs are arriving. I'm a relentless garden dreamer who does love those sundrenched tomatoes...already tasting fresh gazpacho and crisp green beans and sharp arugula!
  Thank you to the encouraging commentors....good to have company 'out there'!


Michaele said...

Oh I just love it when people plan for the spring. That's half the fun.

cleemckenzie said...

My tomato seeds just arrived from Tomato Bob in Ohio! I get the best heritage seeds from him, and always a little note of encouragement for my crop.

Right now I'm eating lettuce and spinach from my Dec. planting. Yum

Good luck, Relentless Garden Dreamer. Let us know what you're eating from your garden as it comes in.

Ashling said...

Tomato Bob? Shall have to investigate!