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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chilly Sunday Morning

We're thinking about doing some yard clean-up today, but it's a tad chilly. We'll see. Scored some Icelandic and Shetland roving yesterday at Hudson Valley Sheep and Wool Company yesterday, paying about $1.50 an ounce thanks to their February sale.

I'm curious to see how they spin compared to the romney and merino I've been using, and if I can tell the difference. Found the shop folks to be wonderfully friendly and inviting people. They told me that their local spinning group (Elmendorph Spinning Guild) had 40 people show up for their monthly meeting. What does it say that so many are returning to this ancient art? Tomorrow is my woolly day (work is closed for the holiday), when I plan to spend the entire day spinning, knitting and needle-felting in turns, but I'd happily abandon yard work for more, more, more!!

I've turned off word verification and gone to comment moderation. We'll see how it goes...

Enjoy your Sunday!


Michaele said...

The wool looks wonderful. I love the deep dark brown. Wish there were more folks around here interested in wool. This is cattle and hog country. Mass production.

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Woo Hoo
word verification gone!

Have a lovely day tomorrow enjoying your wonderful hobby.

When I saw the thumbnail pic
I thought it was of 2 rabbits!
Now you know why I hated the w. verification!!!!!

Have a good week

Fiona x

Robin Larkspur said...

I think needle felting turns out such wonderful things. I would love to learn that myself, though knitting/crochet is out of my league! No patience! I think it is fantastic that many people are turning to the Old Ways of doing many things. An appreciation that is long over-due. Good luck with your new fibers, and enjoy your day off! And I am grateful for not having to decipher those crazy word verifi.

the wild magnolia said...

the life you live is meaningful. the old ways.

thank you, for sharing.

In My Wild Eden said...

I am enjoying your love of wool and spinning. I love learning and living those kinds of things, but I haven't done this before and it is very interesting.

cleemckenzie said...

I'm ever so grateful not to have to squint those word verifications into clarity. Thank you, Ashling.

As to why people are returning to ancient art . . . I think it's because we're so isolated in this techi world of internet "love" that we crave a connection of some kind to our past. Just guessing, here.

Ashling said...

I think those who refer to a 'simpler' way of living, of reconnecting to the past are onto something. I never thought I'd learn any ofthis...stumbled on it all by accident, but have been falling-in love--ever since.

Michaele said...

Do you follow Sheeps and Peeps Farm? If not, I think you would like to.

cleemckenzie said...

I loved this post. Well, I've loved a lot of your posts. In fact, if you drop into the Write Game today, you'll see how much.

Thank you again for turning off those horrid word verifications.