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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wait, Wait...Not Yet!

  I'm not ready to go back to work! Four days flew by, but I loved every moment of my four day weekend, whether scrubbing the kitchen, laughing with a friend, lazing with Linda on Sunday, or immersing myself in wool most of yesterday. Totally stumped on the sock's time to start the heel and the directions are baffling me. At some point I'll try to follow them as best I can, but suspect that in a couple of weeks I'll be arriving at Countrywool pleading for assistance. Found a Ravelry group dedicated to sock knitters, with an emphasis on beginners, so I'm hoping there may be guidance there, too. One of my issues is that I have no idea what a 'slip stitch' is, or what 'with yarn in back' means, so research is needed!

  Rather than allow my woolly day to end in stress over it, I put the sock aside pending help, and started working on a felted Earth goddess. Got off to a false start and found myself looking at a blocky green wedge. Sometimes ya gotta know when to start over, so I began again, and this is where I've left off:

There's alot more to do, obviously. My imagination has a finished picture, but I was fascinated to find myself letting go of that and allowing the wool's variegated colors and texture direct me. That's so unlike the control-freak me, but a pretty cool ride!

  I wrapped up the day with some practice spinning using that dark brown Shetland I showed you previously. I wondered if I'd experience a difference between spinning that and the Romney and Merino I've been using. The Shetland I have is a shorter staple than some of what I've been using, but either I'm getting better, or it's pretty good to work with... dare I say I was actually pleased with my progress (for the most part)? There was definitely more consistency. Feels very good to see myself improving! I'll fill up the current bobbin, and move on to some plying practice. The next class is almost three weeks away, so I'll be a happy camper if I'm spinning reasonably consistent yarn, and have a solid grasp on plying. TRYING to...not lower my standards exactly, just be kinder and more accepting of my personal learning curve. That's a challenge in and of itself!


Jen said...

Sounds like you are very busy and it's great that you are learning something new. I have never tried spinning or any of the fiber arts--I am a klutz when it comes to things that require manual dexterity!

Ashling said...

LOL--I'm a klutz too. I'll never forget my motgher's horror when I had no choice but to buy a car w/ manual transmission because she said I was too uncoordinated. Took awhile, but I figured it out, and eventually I'll figure this out, too!

Michaele said...

I love your excitement and passion for what you are doing. I was just thinking yesterday how I had hoped to have time this winter to spin. We have just not had enough snow to keep us inside enough. I love felting too. Can't wait to see what you make!

In My Wild Eden said...

The pictures of your earth goddess took me back to Art History classes in college. I knew right away what it was, but misjudged the material and thought it was very old stone. So cool! I love your passion and enthusiasm for what you are doing!

Elena said...

Oh what a beautiful goddess in the making!

Brian Kelly said...

Braaaaaains! The pictured wool looks like brains.