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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Night, Already?

  It's after 8pm on a Sunday night, and we're winding down (not that we've been wound up)...dinner is done, and we're getting showers in before Downton Abbey starts. It was a good weekend, although Saturday's class, "All About Your Spinning Wheel" was yet another embarrassing, humbling experience at being the remedial student, something I handle badly. I've mentioned before that I was raised with the attitude that only perfection made me worthwhile. Add to that the recent information that having my moon in Virgo pretty much curses me with the requirement to be perfect, and,'s a wonder I keep loading my wheel into the car and walking in the warm, cozy, welcoming door at CountryWool. But the thing is, I love the wool. I mean, I LOVE it. I'm in this relationship for the long haul, so I swallow my pride and keep at it. I came home after class and spent the afternoon knitting....nothing too taxing right this moment, so I could just linger by the fire with it, no pressure, just enjoying each other's company.
This is the blanket I'm knitting for Patrick. Decided to go with squares (okay, rectangles) in assorted shades of blue, and sew them together with a creamy white yarn.

This is a sock.  Well, it's the cuff and part of the leg of the sock. Wishing Linda had longer legs, because pretty soon it's going to be time to start the heel...and I haven't got a clue. But I'm using a good book, and I know where to go if I can't figure it out on my own!

And I decided I wanted to try my hand at knitting & felting a bag. I had yarn left from Lida's crocheted lap blanket I made last Winter, and decided it would be perfect. Spent alot of time on Ravelry, and found what appears to be a pretty doable pattern, even for the rectangle-knitting likes of me. I'm a little worried about getting to the seaming part, because, um, there's no directions in the pattern that I can find, but that's a couple hundred rows of knitting away!

  Today we decided it was time to plan the gardens! We gathered planting schedules and notepads, and of course the "glossy garden porn" (love that phrase, because it's so apt):

We dreamed, and planned, oohed and ahhed, debated the merits of this tomato ves. that one, talked and sketched, compiled then trimmed ordering lists, made wish lists (Red Cardinal Wigelia, Honey Berry), contemplated how best to turn one room into the perfect space for starting seeds...all while keeping our strength up with warm, spicy Cranberry Pumpkin Bread.
    (that's one of our Winter moose dishes)
It was a weekend of plans, dreams, coziness, indulgence, decadence, peace, gentleness, warmth, and laughter. How was yours?


Robin Larkspur said...

First and most important, the cranberry pumpkin bread...recipe somewhere? I admire your tenacity at the whole spinning seems to me that needing to be perfect will fade, as you learn and work with the spinning wheel; a bond will form between the wheel, the wool and you and it will all come together. I am really looking forward to reading about the process and your progress!! And garden planning!! what a great way to spend an afternoon!

Shel said...

Ashling, you are doing great at spinning. I personally think that the fact that we can sit at this wheel, make it turn with our feet, hold wool in our hands and watch it feed onto a bobbin and become something that holds together is alchemy at its finest - for I never thought I would get that much down. Would I love to be able to actually control what is going onto that bobbin - I would LOVE it. But sometimes we have to acknowledge that in the magical parts of life - like the natural magic that spinners create as life flows out their hands - the magic has its own direction and design and instead of trying to control what we make, I just try to think of what it wants to become - since it obviously does not want to become what I had in my head. I personally think that you have created some wonderful yarn - I still love the green and white fluffy yarn you plyed the week before. It might not have been what you were trying to make, but it was what it wanted to become. So it did not, under any circumstances want to be a sock. It wanted to be a warm, fluffy hat or scarf or blanket. Who knew?
I guess I am just saying don't be so hard on yourself that you miss the magic of what you are creating.

Ashling said...

@Robin...many years ago, Linda swore me to secrecy on the recipe.'s my recipe but she won't 'let' me even give it to my kids unless they sign an agreement never to share it. Start with Good Housekeeping Cookbook's Pumpkin Loaves, and take it from there...

@Shel...good reminder about not losing the magic. Have I mentioned I'm a Type A control freak? So that part is always doing battle with the 'let the magic flow' part...I always appreciate the reminder. After all, it is a love affair, and should be allowed to go as it will...

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Well Ashling you certainly had a very productive weekend!

Love the knitted blanket and the colours of blue - it will look great when you sew it up with white yarn - lovely

Planning the garden is something I like to do, have it all in my head but actually getting it all done, well.....

Bread looks delish, wish I had a slice right now!

Have a good week.

x Fiona

Shel said...

Hah!! I am about as anal as you get - it took years of workshops at the Omega Institute for me to learn that acceptance of what is takes the greatest strength as I have to relinquish my desire to control everything - so I understand the inner battle. Which is also why I am looking at these beautiful skeins of practically useless "yarn" that I have spun and foreseeing alot of silly hats that only I will be able to wear with any level of pride. :) Thank heavens the Goddess did not put me in charge of spinning the web of life!! :D

cleemckenzie said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. I love the anticipation of the garden almost as much as I do the harvest itself. We're eating lettuce and spinach and kale out the garden now. The potatoes just popped up, so I'm already thinking how those are going to taste.

Kirstin said...

I just started knitting my first pair of socks ever and I am almost at the heel and I am terrified. I hope things work out well. Funny enough I have planned on trying my hand at felting when this project is done.

Also your pumpkin bread looks divine (and a little like some cranberry pumpkin muffins I make). I may have to whip up a batch to keep me warm and cozy!